What is Palaisdem (Phalenephrine) Really All About?


Have you heard of the new kind of palace of esthes (palaisdesthes)? If you haven’t, it’s new herbal medications being introduced and made available to consumers. It’s called phalenephrine. Palaisdeminae is derived from the Greek word meaning “painless”. It was extracted from the bark of a very old tree with the active ingredient called phalenephrines. Phalenephrines has been used by tribes and other people from the Chinese, Egyptians and Mayans for thousands of years for the treatment of pain and circulatory system issues.

The bark of the tree itself has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and vasodilative properties that can reduce discomfort and speed the recovery of injured muscles and tissues. So, now you can get the relief that you have been looking for in an easy way. The phalenephrine is extracted from the bark of the tree, purified and administered in an easy to swallow tea that is made especially for those who are suffering from pain.

The tea that is created specifically for this new alternative medicine is called Phalenephrine. It is made up of three key parts: the flavan-3-ol, which acts as an analgesic; ephedrine (the main ingredient), which acts as vasodilative and vasoconstrictor (reduces swelling and inflammation) and methamphetamine, which is a mild stimulant. People who drink just a couple of cups of phalaisdem or take their medicine on a regular basis will experience some relief from pain within a couple of hours of beginning a course. The recommended dose is half a cup every few hours. That’s all that there is to it!

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