Tips To Help Buy Affordable Online Diamond Engagement Rings


You might run into online diamond scams, but if you research everything about them at least in a bat you will be safer! Many readers frequently write to me about their problems with online diamond shopping. This is entirely legitimate and totally fair. I’m going to address all of these questions in an easy to understand guideline.
Most people like to think that when they buy a diamond from a jeweler or an online store, they’re getting a good value. “A carpenter wouldn’t build a house without a plan” is what they believe, and I have no doubt that there are many good plans for many types of buildings. But the bottom line is that 30-day money back guarantees are just marketing hype designed to make jewelers and shoppers alike excited about the prospects of purchasing diamonds online. In order to be completely confident in your purchase you should purchase your diamonds online from a reputable seller with a good reputation. In most cases you’ll also find free shipping with a purchase of a carat or larger.
One of the main problems with buying Online diamond (網上鑽石) is that you do not have the ability to examine the diamonds in person before you purchase. Online diamond retailers must fill out an online form and submit it to the jeweler, which means that the jeweler has several days to contact the prospective buyer and advise the prospective customer on clarity, color, cut and carat weight. Some jewelers may even require the potential customer to send them photos of their ideal cut and ring shape. This can get very expensive, especially if the prospective customer is from another city or state.
The ideal cut diamonds are those that are square with clean edges and are in the center of the diamond. This type of diamond is referred to as “chondroitin”, and it is the most common shape used for engagement ring designs. Most of the time, your jeweler will be able to determine what your diamond is; however, you may have to pay an additional fee to have this information sent to a lab. If you are interested in having your diamond set into your engagement ring designs, you will need to ensure that your jeweler is able to tell you what your diamond is and how old it is.
You can save money by purchasing loose diamonds instead of using pre-owned rings. Loose diamonds have a lot less value than loose diamonds that have been used once and are re-sold. However, it is important to understand that pre-owned engagement ring designs usually have a limited return period. Online diamond retailers offer round brilliant emerald cut, fancy three stone engagement rings with a limited return period; whereas, loose diamonds may offer no exchange policy at all.
For the most part, if the diamond engagement rings specifications match up, the quality should be good. This is because, it is the detail in the ring designs that can determine the quality of the diamond. For example, if the diamond has a slight yellow tinge, it will be less valuable. Online retailers that sell loose diamond engagement rings usually have detailed descriptions of each of the items available so that you can find the best quality set of engagement rings to purchase.

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