All of Us All are aware of the present prevailing situations in the world. Even the coronavirus pandemic is in its summit, and we all wish to safeguard ourselves and our own families from getting affected by this virus that is dangerous. To produce this potential, all of us have begun opting for the online medium in virtually every area. From instruction to banks, everything is operating online. In such difficult circumstances, all of us desire to protect our kids. Hence, colleges, tuitions, exams have been operated on line for a very long time. It really is nearly annually which we are taking the assistance of internet origins.

But, Is it safe? On every forthcoming day, we discover a few fraud news that led to some thing sometimes more damage to the victim. Our cellular telephones or our personal identification’s may get hacked, or our banking info may get stolen by other people. This can cause a lot of problems for us to the nearest and dearest. Digital Guardian Project can be an initiative to address the issue of fraud. Digital Guardian Project performs to be certain that technology gets more powerful and much more reliable to use.

Why Digital Guardian Project

Our kiddies really are now continuing their reports on line. All of us wouldn’t want any inconvenience should cut their way. Digital Guardian Project ensures the safety of the kids in order that they can focus on their studies properly.
We work to get this world free from fraud.

Right Nowthe planet is doing all of the work from home and also is utilizing the internet medium to be protected. While building our job done online, we have to be sure the platform we’re using is wholly secure and dependable to steer clear of any fraud activity. All of us must stand together within this and need to generate our devices safe to use.