Housekeeping – The Basics


In the professional environment, housekeeping means the routine administrative and financial cleaning and organization of the office. Housekeeping is therefore an ongoing professional safety practice, wherein neat, safe conditions in the office should be kept on a regular basis, not simply restored once organizational stability has allowed it. This practice is a key component of office organization and management. It is crucial for a business home cleaning to maintain a clean and organized working environment for its employees as well as clients.

One of the most important components of proper housekeeping involves the proper cleaning of surfaces. Since most surfaces in a typical office are laminate covered, they tend to accumulate dust and dirt over time. Most housekeeping also involves the cleaning of desks and other surfaces that can be used for working. Some surfaces, such as conference tables and seating, are regularly cleaned to increase their usability; however, surfaces that are used for personal care, such as the bathroom and bedroom, are often left untouched as these are rarely (if ever) cleaned. The ultimate goal of housekeeping is the increased ability of the office to serve its purpose of meeting the needs of those who use it.

Another aspect of proper housekeeping involves the chore list. A typical chore list for an office includes cleaning up the desk after employees have finished using it, sweeping and mopping floors and bathrooms, vacuuming the hallways, dusting furniture, etc. Housekeeping chores involved in this list should not be carried out more than necessary. If the housekeeping schedule calls for extra chores to be done, they should only be completed when specific time slots arise. For instance, if someone has to go take a garbage truck home after work, they should complete the task after work hours are over. Otherwise, this trash will end up sitting around the house, potentially causing a hazard.

When dealing with basic housekeeping, homeowners will also have to be aware of the basic principles of home maintenance. One of these principles is to keep the house dust free. Another is to wipe down surfaces that may accumulate crumbs, dirt, or pet hair. Additionally, housekeeping refers to maintaining the internal temperature of the home by keeping rooms warm during cold seasons and cool during hot months. These tasks can be completed by using fans or air conditioners.

A final component of basic housekeeping involves keeping the property free of graffiti and deterioration caused by years of neglect. A popular choice for housekeeper cleaning is mowing the lawn. However, in today’s world of global warming and environmental awareness many homeowners choose to forgo this task for a professional service. Instead, they choose to hire a full time gardener.

Basic housekeeping may seem like a simplistic way to maintain cleanliness in public areas and homes. But when you consider the small amount of time it takes to complete the chore it actually pays off in the long run. Dining out every night, keeping your home tidy and appealing to visitors, and enjoying a glass of wine on your patio are other perks to housekeeping.

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